Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday's Confessions on Thursday

Day late dollar short - normal shit for me :-)

I can't wait for September - not that I am hurrying fall along - I love Summer, but I have a girls weekend planned for Labor Day weekend that I am so looking forward to. One of my best girl friends will be there - we are so much alike we just call each other "twin".

I honestly hate Halloween..

I pretty much wear tank tops all year long - when it gets cold I just throw a sweater or blazer over them.

I am sick to death of adulting this week.  I actually used the phrase shut it and take a Xanax, I have no time or frankly patience for grown people acting like 2 year olds.  

Its been a week of Mondays. Monday can go step on a fucking lego.

I still have the migraine from last Sunday its 100% stress. I think I am hiding out this weekend. We were supposed to move Peeps up to college but thats now NEXT weekend so I think I shall hide.

I'm not sure how shes getting all her shit to the family dorms - D is working and its to late to trade. For months now she said it was this weekend.

Favorite Meme's this week

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