Friday, October 05, 2012

Hey Hey its Friday!!! Week recap

I seriously need a title generator!! I think the next one is going to be insert title here.

Sorry I have been missing all week - I went and landed me a cold that quickly turned into a sinus infection.. Which has been the norm ever since my sinus surgery a few years back (appx 6) - worst surgery EVER  I really wished I had never consented to having it done. I still have the migraine headaches and now if you sneeze on me -  bam I have a sinus infection.

I got in a Yoga meltdown workout in on Monday but that has been it for the week due to the illness.. Yoga Meltdown wow - the only thing I can say there is HOLY ROLLING SIDE PLANKS BATMAN!!  I am looking forward to getting back at it though after my head clears a bit more.. This weekend I will hit the treadmill and work up from there .

Last night we met up with family who had come in from out of state - Its always fun seeing Aunt June - Then The Hubs took me over to get new jeans mine were to big!! Found 2 pairs of skinny jeans that are a size smaller!! WOOT That always makes for a good day.

My knee surgery has been scheduled for Nov 2nd then I have about 6 weeks were I have to take it easy  - so no jumping rope or running (2 things I HATE lol).

That's how my week went - how was yours??

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