Monday, October 08, 2012

Family Drama .. does it EVER end??

Its really no secret that I have 3 sisters and a niece I never speak to.. Each for individual reasons.  None of them attempt to reenter into my life and I don't go stirring up theirs. It works - hell at this point I am pretty sure that unless our mother mentions me my name is not on their lips - I like it that way.

I know its odd and most people are "my sister is my bestie" meh not mine - and honestly a lot of that is because I am the baby and I am a late in life baby - my sisters were pretty much all out of the house when I made my surprising entrance so there was no bonding. I'm ok it, we come for totally different generations and frankly even though they grew up on the 60's those baby boomers are pretty judgmental creatures. I am very close to my sister in law and get my "sister time" with her.

My niece on the other hand even though she is not in my life decides every few years she needs to stir the pot.. lil witch did it again this weekend.  Honestly does this shit end? Whats the purpose? Why do people make shit up spread rumors then sit back in shock while several family members are hurt, upset and riled up?? As doctor Phil would say whats the pay off for you? My part of the family has left you alone - there is not poking of the witch we do our own thing yet you feel the need to surface every once in awhile waving your bitch flag and stirring the pot.

Do all families have issues similar? If there is someone you cut out of your life do they resurface every few years disrupt things then go into the wings until the next time??

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