Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ultimate Straight Hair with L'Oreal Paris

I received the L'Oreal Ultimate Straight system from Influenster a few weeks ago.  It is a 4 step system that promises the ultimate straight hair for 48 hours. All the opinions however are mine.

Step one is a shampoo that you use normally then there is a pre-conditioner that you work in to your hair from root to tip and leave for 1 minute - you don't rinse this after that minute then you add the conditioner to the mix and leave on for 3 minutes. Now you can rinse.  After you finish your shower and towel dry your hair there is a leave in balm that you are to use a dime sized amount of.. This girls got thick hair - took more than a dime!

After the balm you are supposed to blow dry your hair. I have started to let me hair air dry for about an hour before I finish it off with a blow dry and flat iron. Since my hair is chemically lightened and flat ironed on the regular letting it airdry at night before the flat iron has made a huge difference. However with this system that messed it up. The heat is what activates the system. Don't skip it!

My honest opinion is that while it was fun trying it, and I really like being given the opportunity to review things and see how they work before investing in them, I wouldn't repurchase this.  I think the texture and the nature of my hair worked against it. I have naturally curly, wavy and frizzy hair.  The leave in Keratin coated my hair giving it even more volume than it naturally has and seemed to dry it out more than it usually is.

While it did stay straight I didn't like the feel that this system left my hair with. It felt even more coarse than normal. I do think that is really due to how my hairs texture is. I feel that its better suited to someone with wavy hair but not naturally curly and coarse. I did pass this along to a friend of mine who has hair that is just waves and a bit of frizz, but not coarse. She loves it, it leaves her hair soft for the full 48 hours.

For me this is a pass, I will go back to my regular routine for my hair. I was hoping that this would cut down on the steps and products I use but it has just as many steps and products and the results are not exactly what I would have hoped.

***I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes***

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