Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Shore (Book review)

I received this book in exchange for my review - the opinions are all mine.

I am an avid reader so I was thrilled to join Blogging for Books. I looked through the books that were available for review in my favorite genre. I chose The Shore by Sara Taylor.

This is Sara's first novel which is pretty much a fictional family history through hundreds of years. Sara takes each chapter and dips into a few characters from the family whom have all called the same island home, each generation have all lived in the same land and most in the ancestral home or one of the smaller homes on the land.

With the exception of a few characters Sara never really does anything but scratch the surface of their stories, which I found extremely frustrating.  Some chapter felt out of place and a stretch for content others felt rushed with a few sentences at the end, meant to wrap things up quick and tie it with a bow. It was those chapters that frustrated me the most. Those characters were the ones that pulled you in  made you want to know their story and explore it more. You wanted to know HOW the arrived at the rushed ending, you wanted to make that journey with them.

A few chapters I sat scratching my head wondering if I had stumbled into the wrong book somehow. You get a feeling of what the author was hoping to achieve, yet she didn't really didn't.  The whole book felt like a collection of shorts, trying to be tied together with a small thread of similarity.  I got the sense that the author is a wonderful story teller, she just needs to slow down and tell the story, one story instead of throwing things at a wall to see what sticks.

I would love to read an entire story and walk with Letty and Mark from chapter two. Chloe and Renee's story is also one that should be explored. The chapter about the strange sexual disease that wipes out most of the population and leaves the survivors living in a post apocalyptic type world needs to be left out, it felt like it was just space filler to hit a certain word count required by a publisher. I'm sure it would make its own fantastic scifi thriller on its own but tossed in The Shore on its own was just to much of a reach.

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