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Makeup Products I Would NOT Purchase Again

This is totally my opinions on things that did not work for me or that I just didn't like. If they work for you, awesome. If you are on the fence about a purchase maybe this will help.  Its no secret I buy a lot of makeup, skin care and hair care products. In the words of my husband a metric "shit ton" of stuff. This is a small list of what the hell was I thinking about products I have purchased in the past few months.

Lets start with skin care, skin care is not a place you should skimp. Lets be real here - your skin is where just about everything in your life shows up. Sick, tired, stressed it will all show up on your face. I have started to use anti aging products - I have yet to find anything that is my "holy grail" so the search continues.

I purchased this - with high hopes -  it will be passed on.

This broke me out and I did not like the scent. While it does contain sunscreen there are conflicting reports that you should use retinols with sunscreen. Honestly the scent alone and the fact it broke me out is enough for me to say nope.

Next up ELF Studio makeup remover cloths:

These burned my eyes. The scent is strange. I bought them for quick use on days I don't wear makeup or to correct small mistakes, Given the fact that I have to rinse my face after I use this the quick corrects are out. I do use them on non makeup days and then rinse my face after or to remove the makeup off the back of my hand when I use that to mix shades and apply foundation. In the respect they are fine, but its a waste and even through they were only $3 I won't repurchase when they are gone.

This next product is blowing up social media and I can NOT figure out why. Its very expensive and honestly a horrible product. 

 This stuff is called "Instantly Ageless" ummm okayyy. It was designed to get rid of bags under the eyes and wrinkles. It DOES deflate the bags. HOWEVER, huge however this will create MORE wrinkles that you started with. it drys out the under eye makes fine lines more prominent, your makeup will settle funny over the product therefore insuring that you highlight what you tried to hide and make it all worse.  I don't know about y'all but I don't need MORE fine lines than I actually have thanksbutnothanks.

Moving on to makeup - Primers.

 This is the first primer I had ever tried. It felt great in the store on the back of my hand - that is where it ended.  Once on the face the product pilled and refused to smooth out. I ended up buffing most of it back off just to get my foundation to lay properly. Not a great payoff for a product that claims is a perfecting base.

The next primer is also a Loreal primer - one of their newest products. Honestly I think this would be fine for someone with dry or normal skin. Anyone who has an oilier skin will do better with a powder highligher. I also didn't feel that this product gave me that "lit from within" glow I was hoping for after hearing the Youtubers rave about it.


 Physicians Formula Nude Wear Line.

Part of this is totally my fault for expecting more from a product in a "Nude Wear" line. I am a full coverage girl - just always have been. I picked this up with hopes of being able to build a full coverage yet still have that light foundation feel for the hot humid Kansas City Summer.  Another issue is that there are not a lot of shade choices in the line. This is Light/Medium in any other line this would fall into the beige range - not something a fair skinned girl can pull off.  This also oxidized badly and in just a few hours I had full on bad tan oompa loompa orange going on.

The other issue I had was the foundation brush Physicians Formula provided with it.

What the hell is a girl supposed to do with that??? I actually used it to blend concealer - it sucks for that as well. Do yourself a favor and throw this out, invest in a real foundation brush. I prefer a kabuki style over the flat paddle foundation brushes. The kabuki gives you a finished airbrush effect, the paddle brush leaves streaks and its hard to use to blend out foundation.

Speaking of tools - stop wasting money on beauty blender knock offs. They are hard as a rock - they don't blend well and they will beat your face - and not in the good way. You have heard that term, when everything is blended perfectly and someone says I got a beat face.

This thing doesn't even swell and soften with water. I tried to use it one time - after this its trash bound. Now I have heard that the ONLY decent dupe is the Real Techniques sponge. I have ordered one from Ulta with my last makeup order and will be giving that a spin.

Coverup/highlighter combo from ELF. Seriously I have to stop buying ELF. I have YET to find any actual makeup they produce that I like. Now they do have a studio brush that I love to use for setting concealer and I like the lip exfoliator - buts that it.

This concealer highlighter duo was horrible the concealer doesn't blend and the highligher is the consistency of putting frosting on my face. Do yourself a favor and spend more than $3 on these products - it DOES make a difference.

Last on my list today is an eye shadow trio from NYC in Late Night Latte.. Even with a kick ass primer I only got one color to show up and it creased and was gone by midday. Not my goal with my eye shadow. There are much better drug store eye shadows out there with way better color payoff and they last all day with a good primer. 

Notice the fall out. It was worse on my face.

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