Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Playing Catch Up

What ten days its been.. D had surgery which was made up for 3 total procedures in 7 days. My daughter had a seizure which resulted in a ambulance ride to the ER. Both are fine, it just takes awhile to recover. I just haven't had a chance to stop and blog. When I have been stopping its to sleep.

In the midst off all this I managed to piss off/hurt my mother's feelings. the night before D's procedure she called and asked if I wanted her at the hospital waiting with me. Honestly I did not and I told her so as nice as I could given the fact that one my mother is a HUGE drama queen and two shes an even bigger Debbie Downer. I politely told her thank you but no thanks I would be fine. It was a short procedure after which they would be getting him upstairs and situated into a room for the night where he would sleep all day.

In short I didn't feel like entertaining her while my husband was in surgery. I didn't feel like listening to her complain and rant. I really didn't feel like being subjected to what I call the "organ recital" in short, its the list of everything that is wrong with you when you are 73. I know she's my mom, yes she aging yes I will miss her when one day shes not here. Don't judge. I grew up with the biggest of drama queens who find away to either make everything about them or give you the biggest guilt trip ever, and not only is my mother 150% Southern shes Catholic. So shes got both skills down in SPADES.

In short she's not speaking to me at the moment and I have been to busy/exhausted to call her and "beg forgiveness".  No worries she will throw it in my face for years to come, I'm still hearing about shit I did at 17.

Things will start calming down here soon enough, D goes back to work Thursday after being off since June 3rd. When its a bit normal around here I have plans to clean the house, go through some old items and toss or donate.  I have been reading up on the KonMarie method of organizing and I am intrigued enough to learn more.

I have a few reviews I am working on makeup, products, a book review. I ordered some new makeup brushes to share with y'all. I am also contemplating splitting out the blog and starting a new one for just makeup and products and possibly just vlogging those. I am not sure yet. Its still in the thinking process.

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