Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make Your Movement Matter!

Have you seen the latest "movement" taking a stand against "makeup haters" apparently on Instagram there is a #ThePowerOfMakeup challenge? movement? hell I don't even know what they are calling this. I know I am calling it a far reach.

Ladies makeup is not under a ban. When did you ever think it was? Wear it, wear as much of it as you like, no one is trying to take that right away.  Stop giving a shit what others think.  Make THAT your movement.  Put your energy into movements that are not frivolous, that actually make a difference. Lend some time to ending childhood hunger and abuse. Visit your local pet shelter.

Hell, if you want to make, makeup your movement, contact the local battered women's shelter and donate your time and some makeup to these ladies. Many times they not only need the actual product but some tips on how to use it.  They are trying to rebuild their self esteem, their view of the world and their actual standing in the world. They need a job, they need a friend and they need to feel like they matter again.  Those women need you more than a half done face selfie on Instagram does.

Put your energy into something that will make a real change in your world. That will make a real change to a woman in your community. Honestly when you get right down to it doing half your makeup and putting a selfie on Instagram really isn't changing a thing.  Wear your makeup, then go give someone a hand up, and there is your movement.

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