Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Confessional

Its Wednesday - and its been more than a minute since I did one of these so here goes.

I confess:

I am glad that as of Midnight September is OVER..

Last week was nothing but pure drama and the aftermath. The only thing I accomplished of my goal list was to get my ass to the salon and get my highlights redone.

This week doesn't look any better at that to do list.

My anxiety has been worse the past few weeks.

I've been rocking the curly hair, its easier. Lately I have embraced the theory the wilder the better when it comes to my hair.

I bought tickets to see Wicked in October - I can't wait.

I actually like Justin Biebers new song. I will be over in the corner hiding under a chair now.

I am glad that all the shows are back on TV but hate that its getting colder.

I've developed an allergy to 10kt yellow gold. I only have 2 rings I can wear, as they are 14kt however I've been told that may also change.

I hate that Sheldon and Amy broke up on The Big Bang Theory.

I started Christmas shopping.

I still don't want to see the Christmas countdown posts on social media!

We rolled out new goals at work and I need to step up my game.

I need to get productive around the house this weekend and finish my fall cleaning and purging.

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