Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Need Another Day Between Saturday and Sunday ...

Don't we all really.. Seriously though three day weekends every week would be awesome right.. I will say Saturday I did pretty much jack shit. Which frankly, I am fine with. Thing is now I have laundry still to do as  Sunday we took little man and hit the Ren Fest.. Whoa what a workout lol. Chasing a 3 year old around outside with all those people.  We had a blast though.

Next week is looking busy. I just reviewed emails for work and we are rolling out new goals for the team. So I have a few new things to accomplish each week. My roll has never been a "billable" one persay I am strictly management, the new goal however is for me to get a couple billable hours in each week. Which in reality shouldn't be a struggle.

Personally I will be attempting to reorganize my two hall closets purge some more unused items. Get the laundry caught back up, and hit the gym. I need to get my fall and winter blazers to the cleaners. I have one I should replace. I have a hair appointment Thursday I am looking forward to. Its time to refresh those roots lol. I am also excited my shows are coming back. That is seriously the ONLY good thing about September. The Voice comes back tomorrow and Scandal and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday - which will be DVR-ed and watched Friday. I also have a book I have to finish this week and get the review submitted.

Whats on your schedule for this coming week??

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