Monday, June 20, 2016

The One Where I remember I have a Blog...

Summer is generally when bloggers slow their roll - I however slow mine anymore and I'll be in a coma.. Oops.

Frankly I have been trying to regain my footing with everything that has been going on. A few weeks ago my company reorganized and switched some things around - my job description and my role changed so I am in the process of getting settled back in. Things are going well - I just have some new skills to learn and master.  Basically I took a lateral promotional. I did celebrate the change with some new bling.  I got a journey ankle bracelet - yes they are making a comeback- didn't care though I LOVE anklets..

I had to have some repairs done to my car.. I got those done then 3 days after that driving home I drove through a micro-burst storm and a tree broke as I turned the corner, sending a limb into my car - cracking my windshield and taking out the passenger side mirror. So now I am looking at getting that fixed. 

I have finished parts 2 and 3 of the 6 part Alice's Adventures races. The Cheshire cat is my favorite medal thus far. I can't wait to see part 4, which starts in July. Thew awesome part of these virtual races is that they are a "at your own pace race". Even though those are a 20.4 mile and a 24 mile race I was able to do them in a few miles per day and track it with my fitbit steps. So even though I have not gotten to the gym and done a traditional workout I have been walking daily. Generally broken up into a few laps of the parking lot at work on breaks and at lunch.

My Summer goals are to blog more, read more get my routine re-established at the office and just have a good time this summer. I am trying to learn to balance work and fun again. The past few years my scale is been really tilted toward work.

The fun part of the Summer started last week with the Mackelmoore and Ryan Lewis concert.  I had a freaking blast. I danced for 2 hours. Next weekend I am taking a painting class with a good friend.  I am really looking forward to it. Its a one of those paint and wine places that is really popular right now.  I saw the painting for the class and totally fell in love with it.

I also plan to get my workout routine back on track. Right now I am in a cycle where my chronic fatigue is flaring up so I am to tired to workout, yet working out helps with the CFS. Its really a catch 22. I need to start back at 3 times a week at the gym then build back up to my 5 or 6 days again.

What are you goals for this summer? Plans?

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