Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dude Wheres My Blog Post....

Wednesday confessions...

I have another hair appointment Saturday - I got fed up and the hair has numbered days.. it shall sleep with the fishes..

I have hit the itchy stage of tattoo healing.... ugh the worst.

I got Raz's ashes back yesterday and had a total meltdown... I seriously miss my kitty. This is the first time in my life there has not been a furbaby in my house.  I am still walking up in the mornings and my first though is careful not to step on the cat....  Not handling this well at all.

I have tickets to the Mackelmoore and Ryan Lewis concert in June.. I CAN NOT wait.

I bought a ring sized for my middle finger .... it says fuck. I can't wait for it to ship..

I joined a virtual race solely based on the finishers medal... Tell me that's not bad ass.. Just 17 more miles to go and its MINE.

More Coffee Less Talky

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