Sunday, April 10, 2016

Odds, Ends and Broken Hearts (Updates)

Every time I go to get back in to the swing of blogging something happens and I get sidelined. Work has been intense and ever changing.

The fitness challenge I was in on Facebook ended March 31st.  We came in second.  I'll take it, especially since 1st went to two professional trainers. This happened the last week of the challenge..

I also went back to my stacked bob hair style - not much length came off but enough to make a huge difference with the sheer volume and texture of my hair. Pictures really don't do that pink justice its so vibrant in person.

Wednesday I lost my big guy. 5 years and two days after I lost Angel. I'm not doing really well with it. I had him for 15 years. He followed me around everywhere in typical maincoon fashion I was his person. He would be by my feet in the mornings to escort me to the bathroom and lay at my feet while I did my makeup and hair.  Then he would follow me to the door when I left for work and be waiting for me there when I got home each night.  At the end he laid in my arms purring and patting my face.  I miss my buddy so much.

Saturday I went and got new ink.. Ironic that a tattoo that says breathe in Tibetan script was a complete exercise in patience to get.  Saturdays are tattoo walk in days so your advised to get there early and stand in line. I did was that at 10:30 shop opens at noon. I was 5th in the line and still didn't get in until 3. I had to leave to go eat again since breakfast had long since left me as well as my protein bar.

 My artist's first tattoo of the day proved to be a first timer who was difficult to ink. 4.5 hour wait, total tattoo time 33 minutes from start to finish. Then I spent 2 hours at 3 stores trying to find antibacterial soap with NO fragrance in it... No such thing exists. Gold Dial now has fragrance.

Finally just got the gold dial after calling the tattoo shop to confirm that was still the best for aftercare. 

Its a strange angle to take a picture of its a vertical tattoo so its read from the top down to the wrist and not left to right.
Saturday was a long day. We picked up the newest Street Fighter so once I finally got home we attempted to start playing only to discover there are an hour of updates to the game already.. Downloaded those and watched The Blind Spot.  At 10 pm I decided I did not want to go anywhere the next day so we go up and his Walmart to grocery shop.

I plan to do not much of a damn thing today... I just want to decompress and get ready for next week.

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