Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things I am sick of..

The phrases:

That's what she said &  First World Problems.

That's what she said was funny for about 5 minutes - then people started saying it after EVERY SINGLE thing. Ugg over it already..

First World Problems - Uh yeah we live in a first world country (is both First and World supposed to be capitalized??) so there fore we DO have different issues that the third world countries do. Suck it up buttercup doesn't mean our problems are not problems they are just different problems.  People here are poor and lacking proper food and clothing as well, because they are in the USA does that make it a first world problem therefore tossed in the "irrelevant" pile as well? Yeah I know totally different issue than "my iPod won't load." I just hate the phrase, no matter how trivial or not a problem is a problem.


UG's and mini skirts - WTH made anyone think this was a good look? Its NOT stop it - you look like a moron who is weather channel challenged. Tip for you if its hot enough for a mini its to hot for ugly ass winter  boots and vise versa!

Capri's and dress boots - really?? What part of this made you think "appropriate office wear, oh hell appropriate combo at ALL?

Yoga pants and a blazer with dress shoes: I don't care what you wear yoga pants with they are still yoga pants.

Magnets on the side of a computer: I get a call PC is not acting properly - the machine is picked up and brought to my office - there is a magnet on the side of it ... KNOCK IT OFF ITS NOT GOOD FOR THE MACHINE. Then they can't figure out why they have lost data.  DUH FREAKING DUH.

I was going to add a happy section where I was upbeat and positive but I can't think of anything at the moment so maybe later...

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