Monday, June 25, 2012

So it's been over a year since I posted

and I could give a huge list of why its been that long but I am going to sum it up with ... I have been busy.

My adult daughter has come home to live with us and recently given birth to my grandson.  I am way to young to be called Grandma so I am Noni.  He is simply the cutest thing on earth at this very moment. No I am not biased, why do you ask? :-)

 I am having a blast getting to know this little individual.

A few things I have decided on changing by the end of this year.
1) Stop smoking once and for all.  I had stopped last year for 7 weeks - I had promised myself I was not going to smoke when the family went to Hawaii - and I didn't I started back up again 2 weeks after we came home.
2) I am going to take the weight that crept up after my hysterectomy and the aforementioned non-smoking attempt.  I WILL get back into my size 8 jeans AND be fit, not just thin I want to be lean and defined as well.
3) declutter again - maybe I can finally say bye-bye to the high school memories. I don't have a lot of clutter (cleaning my Mamaw's house after she passed cured that) but I think it really is time to say goodbye to some more things.
4) Dress better. I really want to be one of those pulled together women who's even casual look just sings. I achieve tired and frumpy a lot more than I want to admit.

So far that's the list.  #2 I am actively working on. I am watching what I eat and have been sorta working out - its nothing consistent so I am going to get better at that.  I have been doing a few 5k's (walks not runs) and have my next one coming up in July - its a night walk and should be a fricken blast.

#4 I have started as well - I got a few new tops this weekend. though I am not wanting to spend a ton on stuff that I am actively planning on not being able to wear for long! Tonight I am headed shoe shopping as what I wear to work daily is not helping the mental image I have going.  I either wear my tennis shoes or a pair of flips that were classified as sandals because they are leather and have decorative pieces on them - but really are flip flops.

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