Monday, April 08, 2019


Finally its SPRING!!!

I am so thrilled it finally fricken warmer. One of these days I will live on the beach again!  Things are blooming here in St Louis and one of my favorite trees started to bloom this weekend.

I love magnolia's and was so excited to see them bloom this weekend. I can't wait until both trees have fully bloomed and it's just an explosion of pink and white.

I have dipped my toes back into keto meals in an effort to feel better and reverse some health issues, the bonus will be the weight loss for a summer vacation planned to Colorado. So far so good with things. I picked up a whole slew of supplements this weekend to get through and hopefully dramatically lessen the effects of "keto flu". I also grabbed a new water cup - keeps things cold for 24 hours. Staying hydrated is key.

Its been a while since I have been back to my hometown in Colorado and last time I was there, nothing I wanted to do was on the agenda so I am looking forward to being back and being able to see old friends and do a few activities.  There is a jeep tour of Pikes Peak and a White Water rafting trip that are booked. White Water rafting will be a new thing for me. Is it June yet??? I kid, I am trying to not rush my life away.  One thing we all to is ask is it ________ yet, which means we are truly never really in the present moment. I am very guilty of this myself and with the exception of asking every year is it Spring yet I am now trying to be very conscious of this habit and to stop it.  We only have so many minutes in this life that are allocated to us - don't wish them away!

A few other things I am trying to get back into is yoga and reading. Two things I enjoy doing but the past few years, yes years I have done less and less of both of them. I find myself on social media just mindlessly scrolling. Even when watching tv, the phone is in hand and I am scrolling. My goal for this Spring is to cut down, way down on the mindless scrolling, do more reading, more yoga, being more present.

What are y'all up to?? Do you have any Spring goals??

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