Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Winter is Coming, is Your Skin Care Ready?

Sub zeros temps, forced air heating, blustery winds all of which takes the moisture right out of your skin. With the change of the seasons your skin care should change as well.  Keeping your skin hydrated will help both with keeping break outs to a minimum and help with aging. Winter will sap the moisture out of your hair, skin and nails. It is essential to put it back.

The one thing that doesn't change is what I wash my face with.  I always use my Murad anti aging acne cleanser. However in the winter I add oils into the mix.  Yes as an oily skinned girl I use oils. No it doesn't make my breakouts worse; in fact they are better because my shin is getting what it needs therefore it is not working to produce oil. So my PH mantel stays more in balance and my skin stays more consistent.

In the morning I will wash my face to remove the oil from my PM routine and start the day with a fresh canvas.  Then I take my regular moisturizer and add a drop of rescue oil to it. Emulsify them together then work into my skin. I also use H2O's eye rescue cream in the morning to keep my under eyes hydrated.  That is the first place my skin dries out. I let that soak in before starting any makeup for the day.  Usually I will do my skin care then go get dressed for the day and then come back and start my makeup.

At night I will double cleanse my face. Not because its gotten too oily but because I have started using a face brush. People generally will tell you "oh those break you out" and yes they can, if you are grinding IN that days makeup. So I wash my face really well with my cleanser and a regular wash cloth first making sure everything is gone. Then I add a little more cleanser to the face brush and use it for exfoliation. I only use the brush two or three times a week,  Then I will use First Aids extreme rescue over night eye cream under my eyes. After that I use 3 to 5 drops of rescue oil on my face really working it in and a few more drops down my neck and chest. Do not forget your neck. Ever see a woman with gorgeous skin and the dreaded "turkey neck" usually because her skin care stopped at her chin!

During the cooler months I also make sure to keep up on my water consumption. Its essential to stay hydrated your skin is comprised of 64% water. Dry air, caffeine cold wind all of it saps the hydration from your skin and body drink your water! It makes a huge difference in so many aspects of your body and health. Your skin hair and nails really do reflect what is going on inside.  Staying hydrated will go along way in keeping your glow!

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