Thursday, December 08, 2016

I said I Wouldn't but...... Kylie's Liquid Lips

Okay I saw the KoKo Kollection and said "take my money". I am a huge fan of Khloe and I saw the colors in her collab with Kylie and decided to take the chance. Yes I have seen the reviews on her previous lip kits, I have seen the rants regarding the brushes on her glosses.  I also know there has been a reformulation and the brush on the gloss changed.

It has been rumored that the Kylie liquid lips are the exact same as Color Pops ultra mattes. I have now worn both and can say if they were the reformulation is NOT Colorpops. Kylie's formula is one of the most comfortable I have ever worn - at least the KoKo Kollection is.  I forgot I was even wearing anything! I can NOT say the same about ColorPop.

They dry down transfer proof, super comfortable and very long wearing, even after a Starbucks coffee and eating a salad for lunch. At the end of a long 10 plus hour day my lipstick was still going strong and did not budge until i took it off with eye makeup remover. I do plan on getting one of her regular lip kits to compare the normal stock versus this collab. Right now the only other liquid lip I found to be this comfortable is Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

The colors in this collab are stunning. Gorg is my favorite with Okurrr coming in next, Kho$$ I find a bit on the yellow side of nude and I did expect that based on the color description Kylie had on her site. It washes me out just a tad so I use it to layer with other colors. Damn Gina is a nice gloss that pairs well with all the liquid lips if you want to wear them glossy without changing the color very much.

I honestly hope to see another collab in the future with any of Kylie's sisters.

*pictures were obtained from Google.

                                             This is from Kylie's snap chat reveal

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