Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Beauty Hacks You Should Skip.. Part 1

Ever see the beauty tips and hacks on Pintrest and think hmmmm does that work??  Some do, but just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.  Although some do work - they are not things that are particularly good to do.

Case in point you can add eye drops or saline to a tube of mascara to revive it. This will work and in a pinch I have done it. I don't recommend it for long term use. At 3 months - from when the tube is FIRST opened mascara is expired and starts to break down. Trying to prolong the life of it will increase the probability of infection.  Its not worth it - toss that tube and get a new one.  If you like higher end formulas, buy the travel size. They are about the same price as a full size drug store brand and lasts about the three months.  It's been my experience the travel sizes are better in formula. I don't know why, I just think they perform better than their full size counter part.

I have also seen the hack for liquid eye liner that no longer works, where you take the tip off and turn it around according to the internet you then have "a new" liner. No you do not you now have an old liquid eyeliner that is not only degraded but you have not introduced bacteria to the sealed tube that was not there before.  Toss it - your eye sight is not worth prolonging these two products.

Lemons and baking soda masks. I wish this would fall off the internet. Just because something is all natural does not make it a good idea for some applications.  However, that is not stopping people from just whipping up things and tossing it on their skin.  This "mask" is being touted as the best DYI acne mask by scores of beauty bloggers and youtubers. Its also all over Pintrest.  Problem is no one has looked at the science behind this "beauty wonder". 

Simple fact is you are putting 2 solvents on your face that cause chemical reactions when introduced to each other. You are disrupting your skin's natural PH balance throwing the acid mantel of your skin for a loop. Which also leaves your skin open to bacterial infections. Sure it appears at the beginning to be clearing up your skin but over time what you are really doing is damaging the layers of the epidermis, drying it out which in turn can set you up for MORE breakouts when your parched skin sends a message to your sebaceous glands to SEND IN THE OIL STAT in an effort to protect your skin. 

The lemon juice can cause a phototoxic reaction giving you a chemical burn when you step out into the sunlight. Lets not forget lemon juice in the hair on a summer day was a favorite years ago to lighten your hair. It wasn't any kinder to your follicles either.  Your hair was left dry and crunchy and odd colors. 

I totally understand the frustration of acne. I suffer from cystic acne myself.  Its painful, each eruption can hang around for months, red and sore. My best advice look into skin care lines that are formulated for your specific type of acne.  Your local Sephora or Ulta carry many lines of skin care. Two of my favorites are Murad and Mario Badescu.  I use treatments from both lines depending on what my skin is flipping out over at that particular point of time.  

Vaseline to grow your lashes - um NO back away. Putting Vaseline on your eyes can lead to clogged pores, cysts and styes to form. I even stay away from this to remove makeup and stick to oil free eye makeup removers.  If you are looking to grow your lashes purchase a product developed for that specific purpose. These days there are a few that can be purchase over the counter but have been approved by ophthalmologists for use.

Hacks are wonderful - there are just some you should NEVER attempt, especially when it comes to skin care and make up.  These are several that should never see the light of day.  There are more that I am researching now for another blog post as there are so many I could type for days and still not covered all of them.  Frankly I am all for hacks and making things easier or less expensive, but I draw the line at my health.  I am also working on a post of beauty hacks that ARE safe do work and are amazing. 

Smile Gorgeous, that is your best accessory.. 

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