Monday, February 15, 2016

Life These Days - Random updates

Right after I decided to go back to school at night and contacted the schools I was interested in my chronic fatigue disease kicked in. Frankly I spend a crap ton of time trying to NOT fall asleep.  So I have put that on hold for the time being.  I will look back into it come this Summer semester. Working 60 - 70 hours a week then going to class 3 nights a week and all day Saturday is just a recipe for disaster right now.

I did join a new facebook fitness challenge - strangely enough getting more exercise helps chronic fatigue. It runs from today until March 31st.  After that I will see how I am doing and feeling then perhaps join the 2nd wave as well.

This past weekend I did finally replace my running shoes. I got a very loud pair of Brooks Runners - they are awesome. The louder the running shoe the better.

This picture does not do them justice - they are hot pink and blue with lime accents

I also had plans last Saturday to get a daith piercing in hopes of helping my headaches.  I found out my ears are way to tiny to attempt that piercing so I left with a tragus piercing.  Everything was all good - get ready for bed that night and just the suddenly remember I cant sleep without ear plugs... HA that has been interesting.  

Hell froze over, I broke down and purchased Justin Biebers new CD.. Its actually a really good cd.. Who knew?

I think the biggest news I have gotten lately is I am gonna be a Noni again.. Newest grandbaby is due August 25th!!!  I'm pretty sure its a girl... I'm pretty sure my bank account is crying! 

Whats new with y'all?? 

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