Monday, August 07, 2006

Walking through the halls of high school.

So I went surfing around myspace tonight and found the alumni page for my high school. Talk about a flood of memories, and I must admit to being a little homesick. All and all high school was pretty good for me. I was in the drama club and a thespian. Memories of all the plays we did, the scenery built, production deadlines and what not and for a few moments I was back in the halls of Harrison High School. Tight-rolled stone washed jeans and all.

I remember how we all could not wait to be seniors, then to walk out of those school doors for the last time and into the real world. If we only knew then what we do now. Would we have slowed down a little and looked around, hung out at the lockers and talked a bit more?

I think about my friends and wonder what they are doing now? Has life been kind to them? Are they what they had hoped they would be? Have they achieved their dreams, or have they changed them with the passing years? Do they wish that they could change things?

Soon the class of 1992 will have been out into the real world for 15 years, where did the time go? The next time we blink a 20 year class reunion will be here. Will we still judge each other as harshly as we did then, or will we be kinder to each other as time passes?

How many of us will rush to lose that 15 or 20 extra pounds the year before the big 20? Will we discuss stock portfolios or remember the classmates we lost before we even graduated? I remember my friends and hope time and the future have been kind to them, I hope they are kinder to themselves.

My hope for the future? That my daughter slows down, enjoys and cherishes her high school years, they are gone before you know it. Then one night you are sitting at the computer staring at and alumni page and wondering where the years went.

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