Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And she grows up..

Well my baby is 15 now, a freshman and has her very first job. Holy shit when did this happen? I remember very vividly wiping the strained peas off her face. In a few short years this girl child/woman will be going off to college and out into the world. Will she be ready? Have I taught her the skills she will have to possess? Have I shown her what a real woman looks like and behaves?

I won't let her date yet, how is she going to handle paying bills? She forgets to clean her room, how on earth will she remember to lock her doors and go grocery shopping? We can't get her to ditch bad friends and drama; what is she going to do when the bad friend and drama is responsible for half the rent? She doesn't even know how to drive yet.

I have taught her self worth, I am teaching her the value of a dollar. She is experiencing what it is like to want something so very much only to find it is not in her budget, (hence the job). I am hoping she is learning that she can't always take the easy road and that the right thing is not always the fastest and easiest way.

I am teaching her that sometimes you just have to make the best out of a not so good situation. She is a very determined young lady. She can be very stubborn. She will debate with you for hours for something she either wants or if she thinks you are wrong about something.

Is she going to be ready? Better yet will the world be ready for her? I am teaching her how to be a woman, her father is teaching her how to drive.

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