Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finish the sentence.....

Ok so I "borrowed" this from someone elses blog - deal! My answers are in bold.

Finish the sentence survey.

My ex was... the antichrist.

Maybe I should... workout more, study more, journal more, spend more time with my daughter.

I love... My husband, my daughter, my baby nephew & pedicures.

I don't understand... stupid people.

I lost... time.

People would say that I'm... strong, loyal, silly, beautiful and funny.

Somewhere, someone is... sick of putting up with his shit, no matter how cute he is.

I will always... be true to me.

Forever is... how long I will love my daughter

I never want to... have regrets.

I think the current President... needs new advisors.

When I wake up in the morning... I wish I was independently wealthy and retired

Life is full of... moments, good or bad they are your moments.

My past is incredibly... wow just wow, you wouldn’t believe half the shit I have survived.

I get annoyed when... people play games and lie

Parties are... what you make them.

I wish... to always be blessed.

Dogs... need let out

My cats... are a hoot.

Tomorrow... is Friday!

I really want... To be comfortable and pain free.

I have low tolerance for people who... are stupid, I hate stupid

If I had a million dollars... I would pay off everything, buy a house, my dream car, invest and take a real vacation.

If I could reach you... I'd say please learn from my life.

I'm totally terrified that... I have unresolved issues that will never have closure.

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