Friday, February 08, 2019

Friday Things

WOOOHOOO we made it to FRIDAY!!! Its a chilly one here the high is 24 degrees tonight is going to fall to a whopping 13 degrees.. Good grief can we have spring please!!!

Lately, my coffee brewed in my Keurig has just been off so I picked up this 2 step cleaning system on Amazon. This mornings coffee was proof it was worth it!! I will be grabbing another for the next time I have to clean and descale!  The whole kit was $9.99 and I will gladly pay the price for it.

Tomorrow I'm off to do something I have been interested to do but yet scared to do at the same time. I am going to go learn to shoot. Frankly, guns scare me always have; however, I have always been intrigued to learn to shoot all the same. So tomorrow I am going to go face this fear. Here is hoping I actually don't back down. I have been giving myself the talk to - I have done so much in 2018 that I never thought I would be able to do, not only did I do it I thrived. Given that I am can do this as well.

The highlight of my week was this:

and that is the real Mark Hamill himself - I'm still in the corner fangirling!!

The other thing that cracked me up this week was asking Alexa to beatbox - need a smile - go head ask her to beatbox!!

Have a great weekend y'all.

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