Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Confess Sess Wednesday

Yep I am super late today - well unless you count not blogging for 2 months then hey its Wednesday and I am here so there's that..

I got the call Monday - my blood work was back and well it sucked. So meds for the next 3 months and a retest. In the mean time I'm changing what I eat and heading back to the gym.. Listen up lower back, behave!

I legit was pissed I had a salad Monday for lunch while I was still ignorant of my actual blood work, I passed up a burger and now its gonna be a minute before I have another... whoomp whoomp.

I am NOT giving up my soy lattes in the morning - because well I suck at mornings.

I am really digging Justin Bieber's new songs - don't judge.

I am already looking at the calendar going is it Spring YET?

I need to change up my background on this blog - what was supposed to be temporary has been there for 6 months or more now.

I saw the NBC headlines for the Friends reunion and then got pissed when I read the article its not a real reunion. Pox on you NBC not funny.  Yeah so its a tribute show for a producer. Cool its NOT a reunion don't play that shit.

More Coffee Less Talky

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  1. I got fulled by the fake reunion too! So rude!!! I hate blood work and medical stuff in general, hope it gets better!

    No judging on the Bieber love. His songs are catchy!!!

    1. Thanks Nadine!!! Yes his new stuff is awesome..



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