Friday, June 19, 2009

No fancy smancy title

So last weeks dental appointment went very well. The oral surgeon who had the misfortune to be recommend to me was fabulous!!! He was caring and gentle, he decided that nitrous was the way to go and let me test drive it at this appointment gratis. For that I will forever be grateful to him. All the rest of my dental work will be done using the method of Valium and nitrous. Trust me they can construct a runway to land a 747 in your mouth and you will NOT give a shit with this combination!

I gave up smoking 5 days ago, I stumbled today. Its been a particularly rough day for me. Seems like everything came down on me today. I feel bad for stumbling and am not really looking forward to telling my husband. I will recenter and refocus and start over tomorrow. Today I just feel blah.

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