Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The one

She stands on the porch on a clear dark night looking up at a thousand stars thinking. A soft smile on her face, butterflies in her stomach. In the distance she hears a deep rumble of his bike coming up the dirt lane to her. He is the one, the one she longs for. Her one true love. He knows her thoughts, her dreams. He knows where she’s been and where she is headed.

He has held her hand, spoken soft in her ear, calmed her fears. Late a night he is the one she tells her deepest thoughts to. Held her when she cried and wiped her eyes. The tender hand of love.

Together they have traveled almost everything life can cruelly toss at you, sometimes together sometimes apart. He knows her thoughts sometimes better than she does.

The roar of the bike still now, as he gazes at her, he walks to her. He is behind her and silently takes her into his arms and quietly sighs. She leans back into him and draws in a deep breath.

She has finally come home…

© 2007 KayLynn

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