Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, a look back and hopes for the year to come.

Wow another year comes to a close. Time sure does fly the older you get..

Today marks 6 years (3 dating and 3 married) that my darlin Banker Boy and I have been together, it seems like it was just the other day that we were hanging out in what used to be Orlando’s, and you were drawing faces on my arm with my lip-gloss, telling me a string joke.
When I look back over the past 6 years I see how blessed I have been. Even when times are tough there is no one I'd rather be traveling this road with than you.

My daughter has come along way this year, I am very proud of the young woman she is turning out to be. Its taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, at times we have had to drag her kicking and screaming through this journey, but she’s making it. I know that one day it will be all worth it and on the other side will be one strong graceful lady who will be one for the world to reckon with.

My hopes for the year ahead are that we continue to take what the world throws at us with grace and dignity. I hope though that things are a little easier and that fate is a little kinder to us. I wish my husband more happiness and my daughter more self-awareness.

As for me I plan to start working on things that have been ignored for to long and left to lay dormant in hopes that it would just fade away. I know now that after seeing the journey my daughter has been on that its just not possible, things have to be sorted out and questions answered before they no longer haunt us. I hope to be able to tackle it with as much courage as my daughter has shown, so that I may come out the other side a better person with a stronger understanding of myself.

My wish for all of you is that you find what you need and that you do what makes you truly happy. Life is either to long or to short to be unhappy..

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