Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Perceptions.. defines perception as

per·cep·tion () Pronunciation Key (p r-s p sh n)n.
The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.
The effect or product of perceiving.
Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.
The neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.

Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
The capacity for such insight.
[Middle English percepcioun, from Old French percepcion, from Latin percepti , percepti n-, from perceptus, past participle of percipere, to perceive. See perceive.]

The definition sounds so cold when you think about what peoples perceptions do to you and your psyche.

How does what others think about you effect you? Does it matter? What if it was a friend? Most will say they don’t care what others think. Yeah whatever. To some degree we do care, some care too much.

What happens when a friend doesn’t like something about you, or says that you have changed and now they are not sure about you or your actions. (To be clear I am referring to drug or alcohol abuse.) I am referring to the normal ebb and flow of life. Every situation changes a person to some degree. This can not be helped its just a fact of life.

Does that give someone the right to tell you that you have changed too much; or that they are not sure of your behavior? What if you can’t help it? Some situations that you deal with are bound to leave you angry, hurt, or depressed to a degree. You walk away from every hill, every journey with something about you and your character different.

How do you then deal with people turning their backs on you because of the changes? Do you fake it so that they are comfortable? Do you get through that journey changed a bit yet again and move on? Is it right for the other person to impose their will on you so that you act exactly they way they want or so that you never grow or expand? How do you recover from people turning away from you because you are not and can not be who you once were?

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