Saturday, September 08, 2007

2am Random Musings and other shit

2 am on Friday night/Saturday morning one of my favorite times. I get to stay up as late as I want and not have to worry about draggin ass at the office the next day, and its quiet. Generally I am up reading a book or watching a move. Tonight I have been surfing archived blog entries.

This is week has been a spectacular craptastic week, totally fucking waste of makeup. Yes the whole damn week. It started last week and just progressively got worse. I am positive it was the universes way of saying "fuck you , fuck you right in the ear".

I finally called and made a doctors appointment for next week. Those who know me are cheering. I have been putting this off for awhile (read LONG while). However my pain management is no longer managing and I am taking more and more meds and getting less and less relief and have started to have new issues. So Weds afternoon will find me seeing the doctor. Now I just gotta get to the Gyn and the dentist - yeah don't hold your breath on that last one unless you think smurf blue really is your color.

September is here - which is not that bad, except it brings falls, not that I have an issue with fall per say but fall brings winter and I have HUGE issues with winter. I fucking HATE winter. Snow, ice, frigid temps yeah not FUN. This southern girl wants warm sunshine and balmy breezes and the smell of summer all damn year long. Leaves turning, crisp air and sweaters all suck ass thank you very much.

Congress decided to screw with daylight savings so I don't even get my extra hour of sleep to compensate for the nasty weather until much later this year. Overblown windbags, your the same dumb asses who messed with the bankruptcy laws that are giving me such a hard time at work on a daily basis. Once can only hope that soon all y'all will get your cranial rectal reverses scheduled. And while we are at it stop voting yourselves raises. No where else on earth can you do that. Come live in the real fucking world for once, shit its not like y'all are curing cancer or AIDS your just not that damn important!!

Spammers - stop sending me crap emails - I don't need a bigger penis thank you very fucking much, I am not falling for your "lottery" and the virus you keep trying to inflict on my pc with your greeting cards from coworkers and old friends is not funny.

My mind at 2 am is a strange place to be...

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