Friday, July 08, 2005

The shit people do

The last few weeks of my life have been one hell of a ride. I am drained, yet it amazes me the shit people do and try to pull. The level of stupid people achieve is astounding.

I have been informed that I should no longer be allowed in public unsupervised any longer, or at any rate Target, let me assure you I am in fact a grown woman and this "lady" deserved it.

I was picking up a few items after work and not really in a shopping mood persay more of a toss it in the cart and lets go mood. I came around the corner and saw this woman on a cell phone with a toddler in a cart, and 2 older children ages about 5 and 7 running willy nilly through out the store. Every once in a while she would stop her conversation and whine, y'all stop running away from me. After a little bit of this I promptly went over to her put a sweet smile on my face and told her to get her ass off her damn cell phone and tend to her children before she was the next sobbing soul I saw on the 10:00 news talking about how she only turned her sorry back for a second and they were gone.

This digressed to her saying "Well I NEVER" to which I replied "Maybe you shouldn't have and saved us all 2 snot nosed brats you don't/won't parent that in a few years have decided that the world OWES something to. She informed me that I shouldn't be allowed in public alone, I infomed her it was to bad that citizens have to pass 3 different tests to drive a car legally but any one can procreate.

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