Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Skin Care Grows Up

*Disclaimer - this is NOT a sponsored post I paid for this with my own money and have since repurchased full sized items* 

So a few weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram..

Then a few days later this picture - which prompted a lot of direct messages asking if the system really works that well.. IT DOES. 

I hit 40 and cystic acne hit. I had never really had acne as a teen sure a few pimples here and there but nothing major. So when I got adult acne, or cystic acne I was thrown for a loop. Number one it hits like hell. Cystic acne is deep bigger than a pimple and in never really comes to a head to pop. Its deep its generally a large knot and if you pick enough all you get is clear fluid and an even bigger sore. Number two nothing geared for teens works. I know, I bought it all. The spots last for weeks and when you finally feel that it is starting to go away another one takes its place.

I starting searching for something over the counter to alleviate the acne I really didn't want to go to the dermatologist and take medications and use harsh topicals. That was painful and expensive to boot. A friend of mine went and her face wash and treatment alone was over $200. Yes it worked but $200 a month and then to end up with red, dry skin wasn't what I wanted. What I did find was one of my favorite Youtubbers talking about this new skin care she was trying out and it was working and working fast. I didn't even finish the video before heading to purchase the starter kit.

What I found when the kit arrived and I started using it was pure magic - at least to me- I had some spots on my chin that had started to heal and one between my eyes that had just appeared, in fact you can still see that one in the photo. Within days the spots on my chin were gone and the hard knots they generally leave behind were greatly diminished. The spot between my eyes was healing faster than any of them ever had. In fact in just the two weeks since that photo they are all gone and nothing has replaced them as of yet. The only thing I replaced was the starter kit with full sized products!

This is photo was taken almost 3 weeks after starting the system. No acne or spots - the one on my chin is a scar from a burn. That never stays covered all day no matter what makeup I use.

My other favorite aspect of this line?? Its an anti aging line. I have always said it sucks to have acne AND wrinkles - so NOT fair. Murad is the only line I have found thus far to address BOTH aging and acne. Kudos Murad!!! 

Honestly once you hit a certain age your skin care has to grow up with you. Learning that has actually been a frustrating experience for me. Teenage skin care just does not address the needs and issues of adult skin. If you are having cystic adult acne issues I highly recommend this Murad system.

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Thursday Throwback - Shit I don't understand

I have not done one of these "Shit I Don't Understand" posts in a long time - so that is my throwback Thursday..

Ariana Grande - seriously? Bitch whats your issue? I actually am not as worked up over her "I hate American's I have America" comments. It is a free Country and people have given their life for her to have the right to talk out of her ass if she so desires.  My issue - Bitch licked a donut and PUT IT BACK. What the hell?

Okay Princess, you have the right to say what you like - you do NOT have the right to lick food you did not or are not going to purchase.  Just like I have the right to take my Fatty Mcfatterson ass to the donut shop and purchase and consume an UNprelicked donut.

Oh and your "explanation" yep Rob Lowe is correct it is #LAME. You would have been so much better off saying. I was hungry, because of the standards places on people in the public eye I have no been allowed sugar, fat or fried anything in 5 years. That we would have understood and said "oh shes hangry".

Nope she had to go talk about the foods that are consumed in America. News flash for ya, there are baked goods in ALL countries. Pull your head out of your ass stop bad mouthing people and countries. Learn that all things in moderation are fine and for goodness sake learn some tact, some manners and stop licking food you have no intentions of purchasing. I'll lick my own damn donuts!!

PS: you have the money to find a new home country if we are really that bad, we'd hate for you to be so miserable. Have your people check on that!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

June Favorites

Is it really the end of June??  Since I have done a couple of posts on products I would not purchase again and a review that wasn't so great I thought I would put up a post about the things that I currently in love with and WILL repurchase.

The first is a hair serum that I received in my June Boxycharm - since my hair is always heat styled and its high lighted I am all about the hair serums and protecting my hair as much as possible. This serum is called hair silk and that is not a lie.  This gets my hair even softer and shiner than Bio-silk.
Right now I am so in love with Oscar Blandi's Daily Silk Serum. Its not to heavy nor dos it leave my hair greasy. I will say though I have super thick coarse hair, it just doesn't feel like that with this! I will be repurchasing, it has over thrown my holy grail Bio-Silk.

Next up are two primers - yes I use two actually three at the moment but as I am still playing around with the third I am not including it as a favorite yet. First up Makeup Forever's Step One Smoothing Primer. This keeps me so matte its insane. My T Zone is usually a shiny mess by noon - except when I use this. Some days I don't even need to touch up its just all depends on the humidity.  I will say though if you are dry skinned you will not like this. It will make you dryer. I've mentioned this primer before when I first got it and was testing it out. It has truly preformed well and hit holy grail status.

This primer is Two Faced Primed and Poreless I use this for a setting power and for touch ups through out the day. It really does make your pores vanish and does not make things cakey. It is completely colorless though it is scary white in the pan.  

I have been mixing a few drops of this Maybelline Dream Finish BB Bronzer in medium/deep sheer tone in with my foundation this Summer. I am so fair that its hard to find a foundation that matches me in the Summer. One to two drops of this makes things perfect. I wouldn't use it alone as it would be way to dark for me. Mixed in I get a healthy glow that looks like I have been tanning without the scary side effects of tanning. 

I have really fallen in love with  bronzers this Summer and I have been using Sephora's Medium Fiji 4 as a light contour and a base for my blush. It looks very dark in the pan, however it is just a nice wash of color with a hint of shimmer on the face. I add just a dab of blush to balance it out. Here lately I have really been all about a soft glow, 

If you like your contour without a shimmer and are looking to keep everything matte, skip the expensive contour pallets. Especially the bigger ones, unless you are a makeup artist you are not going to use all the colors in the pallet and they are retailing for $40 and more. Wet and Wild has perfect ones in their Color Icon line. These are pretty good dupes for a few of the contour duos out there. This one is in Carmel Toffee. These are exclusive to Wal-Mart I have heard. Best part its under $4 instead of $40 or more. They are harder to find at the moment as they sell out quickly. I grab one every time I see them there for back ups.

I have a few more things that are headed toward favorite status to review but I want to use them a bit longer before I add them to the will repurchase list. What are your favorite things this season???

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Milani Bella Shadow Line Review

So last week I picked up some Milani Bella shadows when I stopped in at CVS. I have never used their shadows but they do have a blush and some nail polishes that I really like so I had high hopes for these shadows. I had also heard some really good things about them from some YouTubbers.

I chose three shades in a golden/bronzey trio. Bella Sand which is supposed to have a shimmer finish.

Bella Cappuccino, with a satin matte finish

and Bella Diamond, an intense white shimmer highlight.

I have been getting into the golden sunkissed look for summer after watching sever Kathleen Lights tutorials. I am loving this look this summer. I was looking forward to seeing how these shades would look on the eye. They looked awesome in the packaging.

I am not impressed they do not even swatch well. Not even with a high def eye primer.  They are chalky, hard to blend and don't feel nice. I have tried them several times, trying them in various ways with different primers. Each time has been a huge disappointment.

The first swatch is with no primer, as a side note they were swatched in the same order at the same time.  From left to right - Diamond, Cappuccino and the Sand. I was surprised to see that Diamond, the highlight lost its intensity with primer.

and with NYX High Def eye primer: 

As you can see there really isn't a ton of difference. I have used the NXY High Def primer for a few years now and it has always delivered a HUGE payoff. Even most super cheap shadows with no pigment and payoff can generally be made super intense and well pigmented.

After about 40 minutes I did finally get a decent color payoff, however that is far longer than I want to spend on what should be a simple easy eye look. I was hoping to find a new easy go to every day look. This isn't it! Milani is by no means expensive, but save yourself the money and frustration.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make Your Movement Matter!

Have you seen the latest "movement" taking a stand against "makeup haters" apparently on Instagram there is a #ThePowerOfMakeup challenge? movement? hell I don't even know what they are calling this. I know I am calling it a far reach.

Ladies makeup is not under a ban. When did you ever think it was? Wear it, wear as much of it as you like, no one is trying to take that right away.  Stop giving a shit what others think.  Make THAT your movement.  Put your energy into movements that are not frivolous, that actually make a difference. Lend some time to ending childhood hunger and abuse. Visit your local pet shelter.

Hell, if you want to make, makeup your movement, contact the local battered women's shelter and donate your time and some makeup to these ladies. Many times they not only need the actual product but some tips on how to use it.  They are trying to rebuild their self esteem, their view of the world and their actual standing in the world. They need a job, they need a friend and they need to feel like they matter again.  Those women need you more than a half done face selfie on Instagram does.

Put your energy into something that will make a real change in your world. That will make a real change to a woman in your community. Honestly when you get right down to it doing half your makeup and putting a selfie on Instagram really isn't changing a thing.  Wear your makeup, then go give someone a hand up, and there is your movement.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ultimate Straight Hair with L'Oreal Paris

I received the L'Oreal Ultimate Straight system from Influenster a few weeks ago.  It is a 4 step system that promises the ultimate straight hair for 48 hours. All the opinions however are mine.

Step one is a shampoo that you use normally then there is a pre-conditioner that you work in to your hair from root to tip and leave for 1 minute - you don't rinse this after that minute then you add the conditioner to the mix and leave on for 3 minutes. Now you can rinse.  After you finish your shower and towel dry your hair there is a leave in balm that you are to use a dime sized amount of.. This girls got thick hair - took more than a dime!

After the balm you are supposed to blow dry your hair. I have started to let me hair air dry for about an hour before I finish it off with a blow dry and flat iron. Since my hair is chemically lightened and flat ironed on the regular letting it airdry at night before the flat iron has made a huge difference. However with this system that messed it up. The heat is what activates the system. Don't skip it!

My honest opinion is that while it was fun trying it, and I really like being given the opportunity to review things and see how they work before investing in them, I wouldn't repurchase this.  I think the texture and the nature of my hair worked against it. I have naturally curly, wavy and frizzy hair.  The leave in Keratin coated my hair giving it even more volume than it naturally has and seemed to dry it out more than it usually is.

While it did stay straight I didn't like the feel that this system left my hair with. It felt even more coarse than normal. I do think that is really due to how my hairs texture is. I feel that its better suited to someone with wavy hair but not naturally curly and coarse. I did pass this along to a friend of mine who has hair that is just waves and a bit of frizz, but not coarse. She loves it, it leaves her hair soft for the full 48 hours.

For me this is a pass, I will go back to my regular routine for my hair. I was hoping that this would cut down on the steps and products I use but it has just as many steps and products and the results are not exactly what I would have hoped.

***I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes***

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Playing Catch Up

What ten days its been.. D had surgery which was made up for 3 total procedures in 7 days. My daughter had a seizure which resulted in a ambulance ride to the ER. Both are fine, it just takes awhile to recover. I just haven't had a chance to stop and blog. When I have been stopping its to sleep.

In the midst off all this I managed to piss off/hurt my mother's feelings. the night before D's procedure she called and asked if I wanted her at the hospital waiting with me. Honestly I did not and I told her so as nice as I could given the fact that one my mother is a HUGE drama queen and two shes an even bigger Debbie Downer. I politely told her thank you but no thanks I would be fine. It was a short procedure after which they would be getting him upstairs and situated into a room for the night where he would sleep all day.

In short I didn't feel like entertaining her while my husband was in surgery. I didn't feel like listening to her complain and rant. I really didn't feel like being subjected to what I call the "organ recital" in short, its the list of everything that is wrong with you when you are 73. I know she's my mom, yes she aging yes I will miss her when one day shes not here. Don't judge. I grew up with the biggest of drama queens who find away to either make everything about them or give you the biggest guilt trip ever, and not only is my mother 150% Southern shes Catholic. So shes got both skills down in SPADES.

In short she's not speaking to me at the moment and I have been to busy/exhausted to call her and "beg forgiveness".  No worries she will throw it in my face for years to come, I'm still hearing about shit I did at 17.

Things will start calming down here soon enough, D goes back to work Thursday after being off since June 3rd. When its a bit normal around here I have plans to clean the house, go through some old items and toss or donate.  I have been reading up on the KonMarie method of organizing and I am intrigued enough to learn more.

I have a few reviews I am working on makeup, products, a book review. I ordered some new makeup brushes to share with y'all. I am also contemplating splitting out the blog and starting a new one for just makeup and products and possibly just vlogging those. I am not sure yet. Its still in the thinking process.

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