Friday, October 31, 2014

The Brilliant Element C - A Girls Best Friend?

Better known as diamonds - and as Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor called them "A girls best friend".

Its no secret I am a HUGE fan of jewelry with sapphires and diamonds being my favorites.   I love to window shop - though D isn't a fan as it generally leads to purchasing! LOL.  It however led me down the path to find one of my favorite independent jewelers. I will introduce you to Tabitha and Tiger Gems in a moment.

In  2006 the movie Blood Diamond (conflict diamonds) brought to the forefront the illegal diamond trade that was still rampant despite the UN Resolution banning the purchase of blood diamonds many of the diamonds of the 1980's are conflict diamonds. Reports estimate that roughly 20% of those sales were conflict diamonds. Consumers become much more aware of the illegal diamond trade. Many searching for an alternative.

Over the years "ethically sourced" diamonds have become a huge deal.  Which brings in man made lab created and simulants.  Stay with me here man made lab created does NOT mean CZ. Certainly CZ's are created by man but for my purpose here I am not referring to CZ stones.  Man Made lab created diamonds are composed to be flawless and cut with the same number of facets as an ideal cut natural diamond to give the stone perfect sparkle and shine. CZ's are typically nothing more than glass or polished crystal.

Actual lab created, man made stones are graded just like a mined diamond. However unlike a mined diamond there are no flaws or imperfections. Man made diamonds have the  almost the same hardness of mined diamonds.  They shine and sparkle the same. Color is where you may see a difference as they are typically created completely colorless. The hardness, light refraction and density are identical. Grading the man made diamonds came about in 2006 by the Gemological Institute of America the standard 4 C's are used. Only a trained gemologist with special tools can tell the difference from a lab created and a naturally mined diamond.

I wanted to give you some back ground on the growing industry of man made, lab created stones and explain the difference between lab created diamonds and the $10 mall store CZ rings.  Lab created is growing by leaps and bounds and are becoming very popular with today's Bride and Grooms. Not only are they more affordable than a mined diamond they are ethically sourced and you get more stone, sparkle and brilliance for your dollar.

I discovered lab created diamonds and Tabitha's Etsy store Tiger Gemstones when I started searching for ideas on resetting my current wedding set. I was on Instagram searching hashtags when her Instagram popped up (and the video below) I was blown away at what she has created. Her work and the quality of the stones she has selected are premium. She sources lab created stones with a D grading (colorless) and a superior cut to refract the most light and provide a ton of sparkle.  Tabitha works in 14k yellow and white gold as well sterling silver. She also has a variety of lab created gem stones as well as the lab created diamonds.

I chose her 2.25 halo with the art deco curved bands. My pictures do not do her creation justice. So I included her video of the set below.

Her work is just stunning. She is awesome to work with. Tabitha's customer service is superb and she is as sweet as can be.  Head over and take a peek. Tabitha has graciously offered a 15% discount off your purchase with the code: KayLynnblog. Let me know what you choose! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Confession Time

Kathy isn't doing the Wednesday link up anymore. However, off and on I have always done Wednesday confessions so here we go..

I truly think Bruce Jenner is transitioning..

I'd also LOVE to know what red that is he is wearing - it is AWESOME.  I also had no clue he smoked.

I am sick of Taylor Swift. This may have been the more honest thing shes ever said " I maybe the most enthusiastic obnoxious New Yorker" I think however she should had self edited and left our enthusiastic and put a period after obnoxious.

I think shes been way over publicized  and way over exposed. I am sick of turning on the radio and hearing her nasal whine.  

I am working on a blog post that is starting to read like a science class and a review all in one. The science is necessary however to explain background.  I am hoping y'all stick with me to the end though, I happen to be really excited about this one. I believe it will be my longest post yet..

I am looking forward to setting my clocks back an hour on Saturday. I do wish the government would stop messing with time though. Well and a few other things!

I love that I am enrolled in UPS My Choice notices. I know when a package is coming and can plan around it. I just got an email telling me my Ulta order is set to be delivered on Saturday and now I know to either be home or have Peep watching out for it if I am running errands.

Some more changes are coming to my family right around the first of the year and I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

What are your Wednesday Confessions???

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Monday, October 27, 2014

40 Something Weekends

Remember weekends in your 20's? Non stop partying, girls night out Friday maybe a date on Saturday then brunch with the girls ala Sex in the City.. Yeah not so much when you get older. In your twenties you bounce back immediately - not so when your 40. Now if you do that you will need two days vacation/sick time from work to recover!

The 40 something weekend looks way different. Friday night we grilled out with friends as the weather was kick ass this weekend. Then we watched game 3 of the world series. We were home by midnight. Yeah I didn't go to bed until 1 am but I was home in sweats by midnight watching TV. Catching up on my DVR. I have been watching Kendra - wow that is hard to watch. I could not imaging going through that much less filming it all.

Saturday we took Lil Man to the park to blow off some steam.(I took no pictures, I had put the phone away and concentrated on being IN the moment) We ran around for a few hours then hit Perkins - he wanted pancakes. At the moment pancakes are his favorite. He asks for them at EVERY meal. Since he was with Noni and Papaw he got chocolate chip pancakes and half my omelet sausage and potatoes LOL.  We got home about 2:30 and he crashed hard.

I got hit with a migraine so I also laid down and ended up taking a short nap after hitting the pain relievers and the coffee (I hadn't had any yet that day). Thankfully it only took a few hours to ease. When I got up and was able to see clearly I started planning the weeks meals. When I actually sit down and plan evenings go so much easier than when I hit the store and toss a bunch of crap in the cart thinking yeah I can make something outta all this. It also stops the dreaded "Whats for dinner question" I HATE trying to figure that out after a 10 hour day.

Saturday night we hit Walmart and got the grocery shopping done.  Yep 10 pm and we were out grocery shopping. It was way better than Sunday afternoons at Walmart. There were no screaming kids or pissy people. Still took an hour but it was a way better experience. I got everything we needed and wasn't stressed.

Sunday was so laid back, since we did everything Saturday I was able to just chill. I tossed a ham in the crockpot at noon watched some TV, surfed the internet and played with Lil Man until it was time to finish dinner. We had some ham, mashed sweet potatoes and corn. Its been a long time since I have cooked an actual Sunday dinner.

How was your weekend? Have you noticed a change from your 20's to your 30's and beyond on how your weekends are used??

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Favorite things on the Internet this Week

I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret this. Only one way to find out.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

TGIT Randomness

Oh hell yeah its Thursday!!!! This is seriously my favorite night of television.

This has started to happen..

 This happened last night..

Thrilled to be blonde again.
(yes that is a Victorian stuffed bear in the background, It was a gift from my dad and sits in my office)

STILL my favorite clip so far on Scandal

Then this happened

I have been working on some fun stuff (read bling) for the blog for next week.  It should be ready for the first part of the week. I am just waiting on the postman and a little bit of research..

have a great Thursday!!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

I think it is strange to see a guy walk into the restroom talking on the phone. I just passed a guy talking with his ear piece and right into the potty he went - it was a business call... WTF? I don't want to hold a conversation with people while they take care of business, I really don't want to be on a professional call while the other party goes potty!

No matter how much sleep I get these days - I am seriously tired.

I'd like to run away from home. Just for a weekend.

I think if you are over the age of 5 and you are whining anyone in ear shot is and should be justified to slap the snot out of you.

Shailene Woodley to me comes off as not being authentic - its like shes trying to be a cross between a 1990's Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lawrence. I have to change the channel when someone is interviewing her, she annoys me that much.

I'm really looking forward to my hair appointment this evening.

I am really sad that The Good Wife is losing Kalinda Sharma (Archie Penjabi) she is my favorite character on the show.

Thursday has become my favorite day of the week.  Love chilling out watching Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Unfortunately I just can't get into How to get Away with Murder.

Don't by Ed Sheeran  on Grooveshark

Happy Wednesday!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

And Like that the Weekend was GONE.....

That blur that just went by, yeah it was my weekend LOL! How was yours?

I can't believe there are only 11 weeks left in this year.. It really IS true; the older you get the faster time goes. NOT FAIR!!!  I have not even begun to thing about the holiday's except for "oh shit, they are almost here".

So what did you do this weekend?

Friday night D and I grabbed a coffee and went for a drive downtown.  Right now its pretty exciting in downtown KC. EVERYTHING is lit up blue, makes for a gorgeous night drive. JC Nicols fountain is normally dyed pink in October - not this year its Royal blue. While I do love a pink fountain the blue is pretty freaking sweet.

Saturday morning I dealt with a plumbing issue at my mothers - her hot water tank did not want to light and stay lit. Thankfully an old school plumber was able to fix the switch for the pilot light. She will need a new hot water heater soon though. Apparently those really only last about 12 - 15 years, hers is 22 years old. Damn thing is a $1000.00. This is why I rent!!!

Saturday afternoon we took Lil Man for a hair cut, to lunch then the pet store. We needed a few things and the pet store is his favorite place. Between the fish and the puppies he is always a happy camper.

That evening we hung out built some mega lego's towers and watched movies.  Poor guy was worn out and fell asleep on me watching Monsters Inc. 

Sunday morning we just hung out in jammes. I made sausage gravy and biscuits for the first time in a longgggg time. Then Sunday afternoon D and ran some errands - he needed new shoes. I found a pair as well (I know shocker)! Ran to the store for dinner items and then just chilled. Had chicken salads with roasted sweet potatoes and peppers - trust me the sweet potatoes in this salad are awesome - watched last weeks Secretary of State and got ready for the week ahead.  D started a new job this morning so having everything ready for this morning was key. 

Let's go rock this week! 

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