Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome Back to the 5 am Club and a Weekend Wrap Up

Workouts have pretty much been non existent since Spring. I have been dealing with chronic low back pain that even made walking a nightmare.The cause? That blasted memory foam bed! I loved it when we first got it, it was also the dead on winter. This summer when the temps and humidity went through the roof, any support that mattress had went to hell. Apparently this is a common issue for people.  It just didn't pop up on my internet searches when I researched that damn memory foam mattress!

Since body heat is what the mattress interacts with in warmer climates they get way to soft and your pretty much sleeping on melted marshmallow. Add in the fact that when you are sleeping so are any of your natural "ouch that hurt" defenses, stir and you have me in severe pain all summer.

I finally gave in and went to my Chiropractor and bought a new mattress. I'm still having twitches of pain here and there but nothing like the previous 3 months. So I set the alarm this morning for 5 am and gave yoga a shot. Talk about starting over from square -1. Holy unflexable limbs batman. Its gonna take a while LOL. The stretching felt divine however and as long as I didn't just put myself in traction - I am looking forward to yoga again Wednesday morning. Hopefully I can quickly work back into lifting.

I am also looking forward to NOT living at the chiropractor's office almost daily for the last 2 weeks. I have improved to the point I am have been able to stretch my appointments to 3 or 4 days in between. I had been going daily then every other day.

This past weekend was a pretty normal weekend, up Saturday morning and at the Chiropractors office, a quick stop at Starbucks, then to my office for a bit to catch up on paperwork in the peace and quiet that is an empty office. Had the AC been on in the building I may have stayed all afternoon! It however wasn't and it started to get stuffy in there after about an hour so I ditched the office and headed to the nail salon. I had been putting that off for a bit to long so I wanted to get that accomplished over the weekend.

Sunday was the norm clean house do laundry and catch up on TV waiting for the new seasons of my shows to start that is pretty much the ONLY thing I like about Fall! I am loving the new show Madam Secretary. Tonight The Black List is back which is required watching in my house. Since the grandbaby is living with us and that is not toddler approved, I am really thrilled to have the TV and Uverse in my bedroom now, add the new bed and I never want to leave it! To bad I have to go be productive!

Have a great Monday!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Shit that Made Me Laugh this Week

These will only make sense if you watch Orange is the New Black

Of course there is some Vader..

This didn't make me laugh so much, I just loved it.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

The ragey chapter....

Seasonal "bucket lists" make me ragey. A bucket list is supposed to be the major things you want to accomplish before you pass on. I am pretty fucking sure "wear boots and layers while drinking a pumpkin spice latte isn't the the biggest you can dream.  If it is, holy hell you need to get out more.

Sorry sweets "wear boots and layers" is a to do list - not a bucket list. Bucket lists are for things like sky dive naked. See the difference?? Good now stop posting stupid shit on a "bucket list".

I am also tired of the whole pumpkin spice movement.. Good night nurse. I like a good pumpkin bar as much as the next person but these days everyone is on overload with that shit.

People who can't tell me why their product is LIKE THE BEST THING EVER - umm okay why.. they stumble and say um um it JUST IS. Nope, don't think so. If you can't tell me why your shit is the best, then its simply NOT.

Excuses, plain and simple stop making them. I'd rather hear a stupid reason on why you did or didn't do something, as long as its truthful over some lame made up reason any day. Hell, even "I didn't want to do it" is better than "Well, you see what happened was___________".

Speaking of that, own your own shit - stop blaming others .. OWN IT.  

The phrase "Real Women" - generally used in the context of real woman have ___ not ____. Unless you are referring to a blow up doll, shes a real woman!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Photo Dump ...

This weekend was pretty laid back.. I darkened my hair - jury is still out on what I think... That color is medium brown by the way... umm hmmm.. The top picture was Friday night, the darker color Saturday morning..

Ran and grabbed dinner at my favorite hot dog place, New York Dawg Pound - they added a store front at the food court at the mall - so that location is really convenient now.

Made homemade jambalaya Saturday, pretty much ate off that the rest of the weekend LOL. I replaced my Travel coffee cup, the old one was looking pretty bad. It is my fault for putting it it the dish washer..

Sunday I relaxed with Raz and watched the Kings Speech on Netflix while just lounging in bed. Finally getting a TV in the bedroom is a sanity saver. The living room TV generally has Dora or Bubble Guppies playing on it since Lil Man and his mom are living with us. Which is fine until the 3rd or 4th hour when it repeats LOL..

Then there is the outfit of the day/progress photo - which doesn't look much different than one I posted about 7 weeks ago.. Simply because I screwed up my back so bad I have not been able to work out, some days even walk, in 7 weeks..

Do not even get me started on the wonders of a memory foam bed.. Its fine in the winter when its cold out. The bed warms up enough with body heat and yet still supports.. In the summer when its hot and humid - it warms up so much that there is no support left and I end up with my back out for 3 months.. That fucking thing is GONE by next Spring..

The last 2 are Monday morning pics, with the final one being my Monday morning spreadsheet pic... Gotta love excel!

Have a Monday!!!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Confessional

I confess:

I hate September - for me its the worst month on the calendar, its slammed full of horrid memories. I see it come around and wish that I could just sleep right through it.  September is the anniversary of bad decisions, losing a lot of loved ones.

September never fails to bring with it the the memory of the final month with my father. Errands I ran for my mom, the time I had to go get adult diapers for my dad, the afternoons spent sitting in the living room while he was in a hospital bed in that very living room so mom could get a few hours out of the house, away from the hospice workers, the medicine schedules, the will "it" be today feeling.

The memory of the late night phone call to rush over and help, my dad had fallen out of bed trying to go look for my mom. The vision of my husband picking my dad up and helping him back to bed.  The tears that memory always brings forth. My once very strong, very proud, very military father having to be picked up and put back into bed.  It did however give me a glimpse of the compassion and strength my husband has in his heart and soul.

The memory of that final day, the sitting in the living room, the haggard breaths my father struggled to take the thought that "this is not how it goes in the movies" and "this is not peaceful". The phrase "he went peacefully" is plain and utter bullshit. The hospice nurse calling in to her manager saying someone else would have to go on to her next stop, that she was sitting with us as Mr. Reynolds was working on leaving today.

Holding his hand as he took his last breaths talking him out of this world and into his next. How in true military fashion down to the end he left at 3:45 pm on the dot. Then sitting there lost in thoughts and memories waiting on the funeral home.

September has simply become the month where a lot of bad shit has happened, it is the anniversary month of losing several people in my life. It's simply the month I would love to just sleep through and wake up when its over.

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