Saturday, May 23, 2015

The One Where I Changed My Mind. (Beauty Post)

The One Where I Change My Mind ....

So about a year or so ago I made the statement - ok a few times that I didn't think high end foundations were worth the money or the hype, they were all formulated the same drug store would work just fine and that eye shadows where were to splurge.. .... Did you hear that?? Yes, that is the sound of me eating my own words.

Over the past year I have had issues with my skin that I have never really had. I didn't have major issues as a teenager - guess this is the pay off, wrinkles AND acne, cystic acne at that. Seriously Mother Nature - not funny.  Right around the time I turned 40, my normally "normal" skin - not dry not oily- turned on the freaking oil factory. My makeup didn't stay, everything creased.  Eye primer fixed the eye shadow creasing and then disappearing. I still had issues with my foundation.

Something I pretty much thought I had to just live with. I had started tossing a sponge in my makeup bag and my tube of foundation and reapplying after lunch. I did cycle through a few different types of foundations searching for something truly matte and with staying power it also had to be full coverage. I have just always loved the full makeup look of the old glam Hollywood. I probably get it from my grandmother who was never caught out of the house without full makeup. Her favorite foundation? Old school pan makeup.

Fully fed up with separated flaky and cakey patches by 2 pm I ordered some Amazon Clay Foundation by Tarte and the accompanying brush that beauty bloggers all over said was the best way to apply the foundation to get the best look and coverage. This stuff is BEYOND awesome.  It stays put, it doesn't cake flake or disappear, It stays matte. Something I really want especially in the humid summers of the Midwest.

The clay in the formula is what keeps the foundation matte and on your face. This winter I may have to find something else depending on how the winter here is. However maybe not if my face keeps up the oil slick routine.  I have high hopes that I have found my "holy grail" of foundations.

What do you use? What about it makes it your go to?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

Its been a little heavy around here lately so I thought I would lighten up and do confessions this week..

I confess:

I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.  I however, can not figure out why lots of ladies out there are heavily defining their eyebrows. Stop drawing boxes on your face and filling them in.. You look ridiculous. Makeup should always be blended. No one should see the guidelines you use to shape your brows. It also goes without saying don't use your mascara to fill in your brows. No it does not look good. No it does NOT say "I'm so good with makeup" it does say you ran out of brow powder and are winging it...

NO more wire hangers (if you don't get the wire hanger reference just blow right passed it) and NO MORE BOXES!!!

At 2 am this morning I yelled at a loud drunk girl to shut the hell up.. Last night the weather was nice enough to turn off the air and open the window so I did. Took two melatonin, put in my ear plug and went to sleep. At 2 am the aforementioned drunk girl came home being a total tool woke me from a dead sleep and even with ear plugs I could hear her plain as day. So I may have yelled out the open window its 2 am shut the hell up.. She responded well its like that, okay then. Yes its like that and I am not sorry. Some of us had to get up in a few hours for work.  It took me an hour to get back to sleep - party girl is on my glitter bomb list.

Today is my Friday and then I have the next 5 days off.. Yes I am happy dancing.  I need a breather.

I have to take my 14 year told cat to the vet tomorrow to have him checked out and I am NOT looking forward to it. At 14 vet visits get scary.

This stuff made me laugh

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jesus Only Likes Dress Pants

When did we be come a nation of woosies and when did common sense become not so common?  This morning alone I have read several different articles about kids of varied ages being thrown out of prom or sent home from school due to "attire". The latest a young man in North Carolina being ejected from prom for wearing a kilt. His late grandfather's kilt, worn to show respect.

Wearing kilts is not a new event for him, the teen said he has worn kilts to formal events since childhood to celebrate his heritage. The prom he was refused entry to: A Christian alternative prom for home-schooled kids.  As part of their statement they said "we want to keep things about Jesus". Last I checked Jesus was about acceptance.  Prom organizers cited the dress code of young men being in dress pants or tux pants. No jeans, no baggy/saggy pants no shorts.

I have seen the pictures of the young man and his date as they are also online. I see nothing inappropriate about his kilt. It is of proper length, organizers tried to tell him it was to short, hitting slightly below his knees. He wore the proper accompaniments with the kilt and a dress shirt and bow tie. His date was in an sleeveless gown with black converse sneakers and had purple hair.  Her dress was actually more revealing than his kilt.

What I can't understand is how his kilt detracts from Jesus?  Didn't Jesus talk about acceptance and tolerance?  I will say in general I have found "Christians" to be the most judgmental and intolerant of people. Which generally blows my mind how in one breath can you say "Jesus teaches that we should love everyone as we love ourselves, and teach the masses my love and kindness" and in the next say " you are going to hell, the bible says ____ is wrong!" In reality what they want is you to conform to their idea of how you should be. How you should act, and what you should believe. I learned that lesson early on, and its why I am a Buddhist.

Honestly what the world needs is more people who are doing their thing, being kind to each and making a difference for the better, if you want to do that rocking a kilt then rock a kilt. As long as you are not hurting people, kicking puppies and abusing kids I don't give a damn what you wear.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Filterless or Oblivious - There is a Difference.

There is a huge difference of being filterless and being totally oblivious. I generally run around filterless. Basically if you ask me what I think of something I will tell you, honestly what I think. I do temper that with kindness however. Especially if you are someone I care about.

Being oblivious is pretty much running your mouth with no consideration of who your audience is or how what you say may affect them. You just have to say what it is you are thinking regardless of word choice. You feel it is your given right to run your mouth.  You are so wrapped up in your own indignation you either do not care who you are speaking to or you forget who it is your spewing your vitriol to, or more accurately, at.

Earlier this week I found myself on the receiving end of an oblivious tirade being orchestrated by someone who is actually close to me. Three days later I find that I am still shocked and upset by what was said.  In the moment I was so shocked at what was spewing forth I was unable to react, to speak to do anything more than think "Did I really just hear that"? My heart hurt at what had just been said, hell it still does. I am really not sure I will ever totally move passed it.

I am all for saying what you think, how you feel, and being authentic but I am also a huge fan of knowing your audience and kindness.  You can say what you feel, even angry, and be kind about it.  Not everything has to be a huge rage induced declaration that pretty much just says your being an asshole. When you cross over to the asshole category of your rant I lose any sympathy I may have had for you. Instead I start to become angry at you.  I will no longer see your point, your right to be angry when you cross the line and start attacking and being obnoxious.

I encourage people to speak their minds, be authentic, be filterless YET be kind. You can stand up for yourself and let people know what you think or how you feel without tearing anyone else down.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

There I said it.

I don't like Mother's Day - there I said it.  I have actually never admitted this to anyone. Thing is I pretty much dread it every single year. To day I have a strained relationship with my daughter is putting it mildly.  We have since she was a tweens.  One mother's day even ended the day with a physical altercation.

My relationship with my own mother is just as odd. I grew up as the baby and as an only child. I was the surprise baby that came along after my mother was sure she was done having kids. So my sisters were out of the house when I grew up. Thus the only/baby status.  Generally the baby is mom's favorite and my sisters do think that however conversations with my mother generally are centered with how wonderful my sisters are, how much better they treat her than I do and how much more established they are.

What my mom doesn't take into consideration is that she sees my sisters on vacation - I am the only one of her kids who lives in the same town. So yes they spoil her freaking rotten when she is there with them, its vacation behavior. Spa days and evening out to the theater. I am the one here in the day to day writing the checks to cover her medications, groceries and utilities when something goes wrong and there is a snafu that shortens her already fixed income. Sorry I didn't take you to the  Broadway show and the spa mom, I replaced your refrigerator when it shot craps.  A movie at fork and screen will have to do.

Yesterday I saw an overload of the mother's day celebrations all over social media - yeah I know its a highlight reel. I get it. I did wonder though what it was like to have kids that planned those days, that took mom breakfast in bed with a homemade card and a smile. What's it like to have a mom that appreciates that while you may not take her on spa days or cruises you care that she has her meds or that her milk isn't spoiled.

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

How is it Sunday already???

Friday night was hanging with Lil Man. Building train tracks and walls with mega blocks.  Generally just hanging out having a good time .

One of these days I will find another TV stand.. That one just isn't cutting it anymore.. 

Saturday I woke up to my Twitter notifications going off like crazy.. The new Princess of Cambridge was born!!  Yes I had Twitter alerts set - nope not sorry. I grew up in Europe and have been a HUGE fan of the British Royal Family for decades.  Then the announcement was made that the Family would be going home 12 hours after thy checked in and I pulled up the live feed - this was me Saturday - Watching the live feed and a movie on the TV.

I even took the laptop in the bathroom with me to watch while I did my hair and makeup to get ready to hit the Royals game. Nope - still not freaking sorry..

The New Princess..

This is my favorite tribute to the Royal birth yet. The Tower Bridge lit up pink - its so pretty..

It looks like a pretty pink tiara all lit up.. 

Saturday afternnon/evening found us at Kaufman Stadium for The Royals game. It was bobblehead night. Well the first of 4 bobblehead game and we picked up this guy - after a minor snafu

My favorite part of the stadium is the fountains - especially at night..

Sunday is just a chill day relaxing and getting ready for the next week. Sitting back watching movies, an easy dinner of a clean eating chicken chopped salad. Maybe do a load of laundry maybe not. 

How do you spend your Sundays? Relaxed or packing in some last minute weekend activities?? 

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Thursday, April 30, 2015



Got this playing in the background:

Wishing it was Friday - its been a crazy week.

Looking forward to the end of May when I have a mini vacation of sorts.. add the weekend and Memorial Day in and I am off for 5 days.

I am also looking forward to Grey's tonight.. Last week left me reaching for Kleenex and strangely I am curious to see how they moved forward with Derek gone. I know I'll be on Twitter cussing Shonda though.

This weekend I will probably find us over at my sister in laws helping her paint. The weather is supposed to be nice after 3 plus weeks of rain. That will be a nice change.

This is now playing:

Still waiting on #Royalbaby 2.0

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