Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday and Shit...

Why is the first full week back after a short week seem to be the WORST only second to the last day of work before a vacation..  Anyhow... A little over 1 month and I will be on vacation for my grandbaby's birth... Man that went fast! I can't believe she will be here in 5 weeks.

This weekend was a hodgepodge of things Saturday I ran errands, got my nails done and watched the British Royals weekend on Reelz - little know fact I am an avid Royal watcher. Have been since I was 8 and Lady Diana became Princess Diana. I lived overseas then and have been a huge fan ever since. We will NOT even mention my huge Rubbermaid tote of Diana collectibles.

Sunday I decided I was tired of having my race medals just hanging on a coat hook on the back of the closet door and set out to go to Michael's for crafting supplies.. At first I had in my mind that I would hang both my race bibs and finishers medals. Then I got home an realized that just wasn't gonna happen - so next weekend I will be doing the board for the bibs.  Here are the pics I have from start to finish - I don't have one of the medals on it yet as I wanted the paint to fully dry first. Note my helper..

Soon I will have two more to add to it.. I finished part 4 of the Alice Adventures and then started the "Shake your Tailfeather" 78.5 mile challenge.

Mad Hatter - this medal is at home waiting for me to get it out of the mailbox.. 

Shake your Tailfeather

I did finally trade my FitBit One in and got a FitBit Alta - OMG I am in love.. I did not think I would like a wrist band but this one is so sleek and light I am loving it. I also like the upgraded features. 

I also finished season 4 of Orange is the New Black - I won't post spoilers bit I will say I am STILL bawling - the only other show to make me cry that had was the SOA series finale, and I am still NOT okay with that one!

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

June's Hits and Misses (Makeup & Products)

Poof there goes June. This June was a particularity hot one in KC and I started experimenting with product earlier than usual trying to find THE secret to get my makeup to stay put on my face.

I discovered this gem at the end of last summer and I am still loving it.  First Aids Skin Rescue Mattifying gel - its takes just a little bit and helps keep your foundation in place.

Two foundations I have been going back and forth on are the Cover Girl BB cream for oily skin - which stays matte but is light like a BB cream. The coverage on this is like a medium coverage foundation and it dries to a powder finish.

And the Maybelline Better Skin foundation. Which is a full foundation with awesome coverage and the benefit of salicylic acid for acne prevention.  It also seems to have a better staying power and so far is my favorite of the two.

L'Oreal Pro-Glow 24 hour foundation.. 

One foundation I tried - and I wanted to love, really, really wanted to love - as I am trying to get away from looking so matte and trying to embrace the glow that is on trend right now, - plus side note matte dries you out and makes the skin look older - however I just can't with this after a few hours I look like the bad side of a 70's disco ball in need of retirement.. I'll be passing this one on to one of my drier skinned friends who needs the extra moisture.  This is hard to find right now so I am sure a pass long won't be minded. 

Since I am using less powder these days in an attempt to not look cakey or dried out I need to start with a foundation that isn't a luminous finish. Don't get me wrong this foundation is gorgeous for like the first 3 hours I have it on, after that my skin takes over and it just doesn't stand a chance.

When it comes to setting sprays I had pretty much just given into the fact that the only one that worked for me is UD all nighter at $30 a bottle.  I have tried all the others who horrible results. Then Maybelline came out with Masterfix and I thought ok I will try just one more. I'm glad I did - this straight up gives me the exact results of UD All-Nighter BUT - HUGE BUT its like $12 for the big bottle as opposed to $30.

I bought a few new eyeliners but I am still test driving those so I didn't wear them much yet and don't want to call them a hit or a miss until I play around with them some more.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Your Inner Voice - Silence it or let be Heard?

I saw a quote on Pintrest the other day that I read then dismissed - so much so that I can't even find it now for this post.. Opps. I maybe should have saved it because it has been poking my grey matter for 3 days now.

It said something to the effect of stop silencing your inner voice, because that's who you truly are.  Uh okay - if that is true why is it when I tried to Google that I get 5,320,000 results on HOW to shut your inner voice/critic the hell up? Frankly my inner voice/critic is my dad's voice and I do wish he'd shut up. I know I have blog posts up about missing him, and I do he was my dad, but the damage he inflicted upon me my entire life is still there.

Its in the voice that tells me I can't do something, or I am an idiot for trying. Its the voice in my head that says you look horrible in that, or you are to fat to wear that. Its the voice that says how dare you be bold who do you think you are. Its the voice that says other people are staring at you like a freak for your nose ring and your tattoos.  It is the voice that has manifested an anxiety disorder. A fear of doing anything risky.

So yeah I kinda want that voice to shut the fuck up. That isn't me, that is a man who, frankly is abusing his young daughter. A man who's wife makes excuses to her daughter that its just what he knows. He was raised by an abusive man, his mother took off  when he was three yadda yadda.. Yep all true, BUT he had the choice to break the mold to be different, yet he didn't and now I have an inner voice that screams louder that my own voice creating self doubt and negativity.

Given the number of results returned by Google I venture to say I am not the only one who's inner voice needs changed.  My hope for the future is kids who's inner voice IS one who is their true self.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

The One Where I remember I have a Blog...

Summer is generally when bloggers slow their roll - I however slow mine anymore and I'll be in a coma.. Oops.

Frankly I have been trying to regain my footing with everything that has been going on. A few weeks ago my company reorganized and switched some things around - my job description and my role changed so I am in the process of getting settled back in. Things are going well - I just have some new skills to learn and master.  Basically I took a lateral promotional. I did celebrate the change with some new bling.  I got a journey ankle bracelet - yes they are making a comeback- didn't care though I LOVE anklets..

I had to have some repairs done to my car.. I got those done then 3 days after that driving home I drove through a micro-burst storm and a tree broke as I turned the corner, sending a limb into my car - cracking my windshield and taking out the passenger side mirror. So now I am looking at getting that fixed. 

I have finished parts 2 and 3 of the 6 part Alice's Adventures races. The Cheshire cat is my favorite medal thus far. I can't wait to see part 4, which starts in July. Thew awesome part of these virtual races is that they are a "at your own pace race". Even though those are a 20.4 mile and a 24 mile race I was able to do them in a few miles per day and track it with my fitbit steps. So even though I have not gotten to the gym and done a traditional workout I have been walking daily. Generally broken up into a few laps of the parking lot at work on breaks and at lunch.

My Summer goals are to blog more, read more get my routine re-established at the office and just have a good time this summer. I am trying to learn to balance work and fun again. The past few years my scale is been really tilted toward work.

The fun part of the Summer started last week with the Mackelmoore and Ryan Lewis concert.  I had a freaking blast. I danced for 2 hours. Next weekend I am taking a painting class with a good friend.  I am really looking forward to it. Its a one of those paint and wine places that is really popular right now.  I saw the painting for the class and totally fell in love with it.

I also plan to get my workout routine back on track. Right now I am in a cycle where my chronic fatigue is flaring up so I am to tired to workout, yet working out helps with the CFS. Its really a catch 22. I need to start back at 3 times a week at the gym then build back up to my 5 or 6 days again.

What are you goals for this summer? Plans?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Confess Sess

Its Wednesday's confessional..

I must say I am enjoying my job change.  For the first time in a long time I actually took a lunch, left the office and went and picked up a salad. Came back and ate it while reading a few chapters of my newest book on my kindle in the cloud.

I have been jamming to Prince in my office all day.  I've been looking for the rarer CD's and am pretty proud of my acquisition of the Gold Experience its been out of circulation for a long time and even when it was new it was a limited release.

I started reading the first book of The Preston Six - its pretty good - Thankfully the rest of the books are on Kindle as well and are pretty easy on pricing.

It's rained so much lately I've wondered when I moved to Seattle and someone forgot to tell me.

I'm looking forward to my 4 day weekend - I took Tuesday off as well.

I'm super excited for Through the Looking Glass..

My new office is smaller but somehow feels nicer being cozier - my other office I always felt as though half of it was wasted space.

I am looking for Starwars pictures for the walls.

I need to start decluttering my house - I have a TON Of things my mother decided I needed - I need to NOT feel guilty about purging them. I am not a huge fan of having tons of crap. She is a hoarder who has all of her things ALL off her mothers things - my grandmother died in 1997....

 looked into that KonMarie method - though I am not thanking my things for what they have done for me that day, apparently she thanks her shoes for caring her through the day as she takes them off, her clothes for serving purpose and on and on. I get not keeping anything that doesn't make your heart sing but I draw the line at thanking my shoes..

More Coffee Less Talky

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The One Where the Car Ate My Couch

Some how when you are driving an older car it just knows you have funds saved and a plan for it.  We were going to go couch shopping over the weekend Made plans to go on Sunday, I had checked out the Furniture Mall out on line had looked a few possibilities picked a few to go look at and my car said yeah nope.

Wednesday on my way home the car started acting wonky. I limped it home and then decided it needed to go to the shop we always use. I just made it. Pulled in with a crap ton of racket the car shuddered and all the dash light came came on. The power steering belt had broke taking out the alternator belt and some other belt was shredded in the engine bay.. Fun times! It also was misfiring and 3 spark plugs were fouled out. WEEEEE! The icing -- It needed a font brake job and roters as they were original - did I mention the car is a 2002...

My mechanic said do the work it will last through the Summer then you can think about trading it in. OK lets do it. Oh and in a few weeks it needs new tires.. YAY!!  So he does the work I go to pick up the car and Bill says hey you know its still a really solid car. Yeah it has cosmetic issues - read rust from the boat ride to the US. However it should last you a few more years.. I looked at him and said wait what?? Seriously?? Then fix the AC.  So it went back in today to get that done.  No AC in a Midwest summer sucks ass.

Suddenly not having the new couch isn't that big of a deal - I'll go to home goods and get new pillows for it.  I wasn't really ready to get a new car, yeah I talk about it but I am really really fond of my car and pretty attached - rust and all. Plus hello a few more years of NO CAR PAYMENTS - that ROCKS! I haven't had a car payment in over 7 years. I'm okay with that..

So back to saving....

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life Lately ..

I've been staring at a blank blogger page for days now.  Every time I started to blog I got called away for other things..

Its been a busy few weeks.  My job was reorganized when a key team member decided to relocate south. So I am getting a handle on the new things.

A few weeks ago I was adopted by this lil guy, meet Griffin - my long haired Maine Coon baby..

I forgot how much fun and how active kittens are.  These were taken his first day home - I think he settled in just fine.  Now days he's waking me up anywhere between 1 and 4 am for lovins.  He's so lucky he's so cute..  He's also hanging out with me in the bathroom in the morning while I am getting ready for work.

I cut more of my hair off and the pink is gone. At times I do miss the longer pink hair but this is a TON easier to deal with.

I've been going through my closets and ditching all of my clothes that are to big, no use hanging on to them plus I need closet space!! Said EVERY WOMAN .

I hit these miles stones this week:

And this is at the 10 mile mark of the 2nd part of the Alice Adventures race.. This medal is a rabbit. Looking so forward to part 3 - the Cheshire Cat!!

For the first time in a long while I read over the weekend - finished 3 books. I wasn't really on social media much. Now I am searching for my next read... whats good??? 

 What have you been up to lately? 

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